Hurry Up and Wait; Defeat Anxiety While Waiting

By Robert Clark, October 31, 2017

Americans like to think ahead.  We look toward coveted milestones as we forge our way through life.  We work to graduate high school so we can move to college.  After college, we have to find the right job.  Then we…

To Thrive Or To Survive? That Is The Question

By Robert Clark, February 14, 2017

Life offers many challenges.  The way we view these challenges is essential to our well-being. Some people face seemingly insurmountable odds with ease and grace, thriving in the face of trial. Others are bewildered at the easiest tasks, feeling overwhelmed…

“It’s Not Me, It’s You” Let Go Of Others’ Problems

By Robert Clark, September 19, 2016

Maybe a boss is short with you or a coworker looks at you with a grimace all day. It can be tempting to believe that your coworker’s sideways look has something to do with you. That is not always the…