Is Happiness a Destination?

By Robert Clark, May 9, 2016

People say that they will be happy when they graduate, get married, get that new job or have this or that. Is that true? We have the right to pursue happiness, but is that pursuit getting us down? People seem to be working more, spending less time with loved ones and sleeping less.  This leads people to feel anxious and depressed.  Is this all for the pursuit of happiness?   What if happiness is right here? What if there is no destination? What if happiness is not a pursuit?

We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Today is all we have. Today is offering more joy than we can comprehend. There is wisdom in reaping the happiness that today is offering, we will never grasp it all!

Look at a baby’s face; hear the coo and the giggles. What is more worthwhile than that? Look into the eyes and smiles of your family and friends, is there anything sweeter? You have infinitely more than you estimate.

In 1999, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and given a 30% chance to live. I remember that day. No college student is prepared for a terminal cancer diagnosis. I was young, fit and active. It is rare for a young person to have that type of Leukemia, but I did. People deal with all sorts of difficulties daily. Accidents, job loses, disease and even death. It is easy for people to think that time is a renewable resource, but it is not.

Time is precious and today is all we have.   The gift of today is far more abundant and resource rich than we realize. Today offers you happiness, the question is are you harvesting the joy from today?

Gratitude is a tool for harvesting happiness and joy. What are you grateful for? It can be your spouse, your dog or your job. There is so much to be thankful for. When we take the time to breath and consider the gift that today offers, our happiness will increase.

Another tool for happiness is encouraging others. You have more influence than you realize. Encouraging others gives you both a lift. Take the time to send a text, make a call or give a kind word to others.

Today is the destination. Take the time to listen carefully to those you love. Take the time to listen to yourself. Pay attention to what is the most important.  Smell the spring air.  Feel the rain drops on your skin.  Listen to the birds sing.  Today is the day.